Welcome to the “Digital Rights Revolution” Photovoice Gallery

For far too long, Gen Z has been the subject of a massive tech experiment. The impact of this experiment has been significant and they are speaking out now through this photovoice initiative.

The effort to collect these images and videos was led by a group of committed young people and adults working together to bring the voices of Gen Z to your attention. We hope to inspire legislation that will create a safer, more beneficial online experience for future generations.

Gen Z has spent much of their lives in a 24/7 digital trap with the constant distraction of social media, cyberbullying, hate speech, predators, drug trafficking, etc. There is no doubt that this has impacted their well-being. Everything you will see in this gallery is original, not scripted, and comes from the hearts of those who have lived experience

The point of this initiative is to help you have a better understanding of the full impact. Thank you for listening and considering what you see and hear.

The Digital Rights Revolution Photovoice Coalition

Becca Schmill Foundation, Accountable Tech, Design It For Us, HOPE Coalition, No App For Life, Phone-Free Schools Movement, Reconnect Movement, and Young People’s Alliance.